Spesifikasi KIA All New Optima

Spesifikasi KIA All New Optima

Spesifikasi KIA All New Optima oleh KIA Motors Indonesia dengan perlengkapan standard

So how does one go about improving an award-winning car that set a new industry standard for stylish family se dans? Come see for yourself how a host of design refinements and technological upgrades has made a masterpiece even better. Refining the Optima. Upgraded Optima with an enhanced design. Upgraded Optima with an enhanced design. The pursuit of perfection. Iconic in the city. Static bending lights. Engineered for excitement.

KIAAll New Optima
Theta 2.4 MPI EngineDisplacement (cc) 2,359 / Max. Power (ps / kW) 180 / 132 / Max. Torque (kg·m / Nm) 23.6 / 231 / 0 - 100 kph (sec.) 9.5 / 60 - 100 kph (sec.) 5.4
Nu 2.0 MPI EngineDisplacement (cc) 1,999 Max. Power (ps / kW) 162 / 119 Max. Torque (kg·m / Nm) 19.8 / 194 0 - 100 kph (sec.) 11 60 - 100 kph (sec.) 6.2
6-speed manual transmissionThe 6-speed manual transmission, in addition to being durable and offering improved fuel economy, features a redesigned reverse gear release button for easy operation.
6-speed automatic transmissionWhile advanced software means gear shifts occur at the optimum point, the manual gate is positioned on the driver’s side for effortless gear changes on demand.
Rear view cameraThe optional 4.3 inch TFT LCD equipped audio head unit also features a rear view camera monitor for safe and convenient parking.
Vehicle stability management (VSM)VSM controls brake force, engine torque and steering torque to provide improved vehicle stability when simultaneously braking and cornering – especially on wet, slippery and rough road surfaces.
Electronic Stability Control (ESC)ESC deploys in sudden braking situations, regulating engine torque and applying braking force to each wheel to slow you down safely.
Larger disc brakesThe Optima’s 18” alloy wheels are fitted with large, 17inch disc brakes, providing powerful braking and a racy, sporty appearance.
Front safety power windowsThe front driver and passenger windows automatically stop closing and then reopen whenever an obstacle in their path is sensed.
Overall length4,845
Overall width1,830
Overall height1,455
Wheeltread (front)1,591
Wheeltread (rear)1,591
Overhang (front)965
Overhang (rear)1,085
Interior length1,028
Interior width965
Interior height1,155
Leg room (front)880
Shoulder room (front)1,455
Shoulder room (rear)1,415
Hip room (front)1,388
Hip room (rear)1,384
Fuel tank (ℓ)70

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